Do you know
what's holding
innovation back
in your industry?

Find your industry's innovation maturity level

Learn what are the typical innovation blockers in your industry and get a comparison with others. This will help you focus your company’s efforts to become an innovation leader.

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How do you think your company is doing relative to the industry?

In a world of hyper-competition, unprecedented challenges and constant disruption, the need for innovation has never been higher on the strategic agenda.But innovation means more than just running a lab. Find out your company’s current innovation maturity level and see how it stacks up against the industry it plays in, as well as other industries in the index.

What is The Global Innovation Maturity Index?

The Innovation Maturity Index (IMI) is a collection of global innovation maturity data, built to give companies visibility of their industries average innovation level and it’s typical blockers. As well as providing the ability to benchmark against different industries.

The IMI uses the data collected from running the pioneering SaaS tool The Assessment for Innovation Maturity (AIM) in corporates around the world. The unique database of anonymised client assessments feeds directly into the IMI, providing real-time global innovation maturity data from multiple industries and multiple companies around the world.

Why does understanding innovation maturity matter?

It’s now recognised that winning through innovation is no longer the preserve of a select few employees but needs to be an organisation-wide capability. Without visibility of what’s holding back innovation in a company it’s difficult to create an efficient roadmap for moving forward. To become an innovation-led organisation it’s crucial to understand where you are today as well as to be able to track progress along the way.

The Methodolody behind AIM


AIM has been designed from the combination of qualitative and quantitative research. Utilising real-world learning from working in high performing, innovation-led corporate ecosystems and in-depth aggregation of annual global innovation surveys, annual reports and benchmarking studies including but not limited to: ISO for Innovation Management – ISO 56000, ‘Corporate Longevity Report’ by Innosight, ‘The Global Innovation 1000: Why Culture Is Key’ by Strategy&, ‘State of Innovation’ by Thomas Reuters, ‘Innovation Excellence – Benchmark your Innovation Capabilities against the World’ by Arthur D. Little. Furthermore the methodology also includes thought leadership from the two bestselling innovation books ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’ and ‘The Corporate Startup’ authored by AIMs creators, Cris Beswick and Dan Toma.

The result is an enterprise-level digital tool built around an in-depth picture of the five core pillars of innovation capability; Strategy, Leadership, Management, Culture and Processes. Each pillar is measured against four growth stages; Novice, Competent, Expert and Leader to determine how embedded into organisational culture each component of each pillar is. The result is a data-driven overview of the core requirements, practices and behaviours required to build an innovation-led organisation.

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