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Industry Average Innovation
Maturity Level


Industry Average Innovation
Maturity Score

2.09 / 4.00

Least Developed Innovation
Ecosystem Pillar



Logistics, transportation and retail are complicated sectors. Over the years the industry has witnessed a lot of twists and turns in their journey. Various negative outcomes and new social trends have given rise to various technology innovation in these industry. They have pulled off some major feets in the way they do the core business. But the lack innovation beyond the legacy core was visible at the beginning of the 2019 pandemic.

With long innovation cycles, high barriers to entry and an overall olygopolicy industry structure the logistics and transportation industries still think of innovation in terms of optimizing the core and not so much in terms of transformative innovation backed by an embedded culture.

Based on OUTCOME’s pioneering work on measuring corporate Innovation Maturity, we’ve launched ‘AIM Individual’ – a single-person version of the enterprise-wide tool AIM, used to build The Global Innovation Maturity Index.

Innovation Maturity Summary


It seems that companies in this industry don’t have an ethos towards innovation, which impacts the formulation of strategy, with innovation strategy being give just an afterthought during the strategy formulation cycle.


Apparently leaders in companies in this industry have to own the innovation agenda and be more actively involved in their companies innovation efforts.


Although it has the highest innovation management maturity score across our index, this industry still needs to double down on upskilling the labor force and offer more specific trainings to managers.


Resistance to change seems to be a recurrent topic for innovation culture of companies in this industry – this has implications in the idea generation, in particular breakthrough innovation ideas.


The innovation process of companies in this industry seems to be hindered by the organizational structure of innovation. Companies are apparently not designed or set up for collaboration.

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