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Industry Average Innovation
Maturity Level


Industry Average Innovation
Maturity Score

1.95 / 4.00

Least Developed Innovation
Ecosystem Pillar



Although currently sitting on a massive growth potential brought about by the latest technology developments such as 5G, AR or VR, player in these industries have never scored high on any innovation top, nor have they sustainable created significant innovation-led top line growth.

Although constantly threatened with commoditization and ever shrinking margins from the core business most organizations in these industries find it consistently difficult to do certain forms of innovation such as Customer Experience or Business Model, limiting themselves to either growing vertically or only using technology innovations for incremental efficiency gains.

Based on OUTCOME’s pioneering work on measuring corporate Innovation Maturity, we’ve launched ‘AIM Individual’ – a single-person version of the enterprise-wide tool AIM, used to build The Global Innovation Maturity Index.

Innovation Maturity Summary


The innovation strategy of companies in this industry seems to be disconnected from the core business strategy. Specifically, in most cases it is not clear how innovation needs to contribute to either top-line or bottom-line growth.


The leadership of companies in this industry seems to be primarily focused on the short term horizon as they are hardly displaying true commitments to innovation.


In this industry there seems to be little time allocation for innovation management and this is expected to happen on top of the day-to-day job unless employees work specifically in the centralized innovation structures.


In most cases it seems that employees in this industry don’t understand how they can contribute to innovation and don’t regard innovation as part of their agenda. Employees also display and adversity to change.


Most companies in these industries don’t have the right structures or processes that facilitate work on innovation making resource allocation for innovation difficult.

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