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Industry Average Innovation
Maturity Level


Industry Average Innovation
Maturity Score

1.88 / 4.00

Least Developed Innovation
Ecosystem Pillar



For some, these industries are equivalent to innovation. Being seen as a disruptor by other industries and in general scoring high on the ability of generating sustainable year over year top line growth, these industries are the center of attention when it comes to the future.

However in spite of being on the cutting edge of the latest technologies and a key enabler for new trends, these industries have their own innovation drawbacks. Diversity and cultural homogeneity are for example some of the issues these industries have been focusing on solving over the past years. And moving forward these are regarded by industry insiders as cornerstones issues to be tackled if the industries are to fully tap into their innovation led growth potential.

Based on OUTCOME’s pioneering work on measuring corporate Innovation Maturity, we’ve launched ‘AIM Individual’ – a single-person version of the enterprise-wide tool AIM, used to build The Global Innovation Maturity Index.

Innovation Maturity Summary


It seems in most companies in this industry the innovation strategy is rarely translated into clear tactical plans that employees can act on.


Although most of the companies in this industry see a stronger leadership drive for innovation than in any other companies in other industries – the leadership level still display impatience when it comes results from innovation.


Skills development for managers in the companies in this industry it seems to be done mostly in a one-size-fits-all fashion with little consideration for individual needs and existing capabilities.


Apart from some certain cases, it seems that in companies in this industry only a handful of employees are given the opportunity to take their own ideas forward and further their careers. Innovation is not a democratized activity.


It seaman that companies in this industry don’t have in place the right process and structures for innovation. However, they tend to compensate this with superior project management processes and methodologies.

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