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Industry Average Innovation
Maturity Level


Industry Average Innovation
Maturity Score

1.89 / 4.00

Least Developed Innovation
Ecosystem Pillar



Flying cars, hybrid planes, sleek new pilotless fighters and Mars-bound rockets are only some the kinds of innovations one considers when thinking about innovation in the aerospace and defence industries.

However – at least for the aerospace industry – the covid-19 crisis of 2020 and 2021 showed the need for radical change and innovation on the business model side. But enabling new business models and tapping into new trends such as system software, craft-to-craft communication, data handling or even flying commuters requires certain level of organizational maturity coupled with the development of new capabilities.

Based on OUTCOME’s pioneering work on measuring corporate Innovation Maturity, we’ve launched ‘AIM Individual’ – a single-person version of the enterprise-wide tool AIM, used to build The Global Innovation Maturity Index.

Innovation Maturity Summary


Companies in this industry seem to struggle to have a clear and company wide agreed definition of innovation. This is making pragmatism around innovation difficult.


In the companies in this industry senior leadership seems to be too absorbed by the legacy core business and they display little overship over innovation.


An apparent issues for companies in this industry seems to be a lack of adequate innovation training. This seems to be equally true for middle managers as it is for lower hierarchical positioned employees.


Apparently in this industry there is low cultural democracy when it comes to innovation. The culture seems to be engineering not creative-based with decisions apparently being taken based on seniority and hierarchical power.


Resource allocation for innovation seems to be an issue for companies in this industry – incremental improvements of the core offerings are typically prioritised over new growth (beyond the core) initiatives.

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